Startup #4 - Tech Jobs Asia

TL;DR, Today I am launching Tech Jobs Asia

Update 2020: I have removed the product links from this article as this product is now shut down.

Tech Jobs Asia is a curated job board featuring the best tech jobs from around Asia. All jobs are direct-apply, linking straight to the company's careers site application form or careers email address - no middlemen!

The customer problem

I've been living in Asia and working in tech for the last 17 years of my life. I created Tech Jobs Asia for a few reasons:

  1. In my last role where I was a hiring manager, I found it very hard to fill tech roles. Tech talent is super scarce in Asia and hiring managers need better ways to connect directly with tech candidates.
  2. When I left my last job I felt like picking up some contract work in my framework of choice, but I was shocked to find there was no easy way to find "Rails jobs in Asia" besides doing a bunch of Google searches and scouring various websites.
  3. Tech talent is so scarce in Asia that we need to import more talent and make Asia an appealing place for foreign tech talent to come and work.

The solution

Tech Jobs Asia is a hand curated job board featuring the best tech jobs in Asia. These are opportunities at various types and sizes of company - not just startups.

In this MVP of the site, I fell a bit short of my ambition for point (3) above. I wanted a site that shows the best tech opportunities in Asia along side lifestyle content showing what a great place Asia is to work - but ran out of time (this MVP took 1 month). Definitely something to work on for a follow up release!

The business model

Job board business models are as basic as they come - pay to post. I'm not reinventing the wheel, in this regard :)

Next steps

I'm pretty serious about point (3) above. I think there are more tech jobs in Asia than there are qualified candidates, currently. Especially in highly competitive markets like Singapore where big companies such as Facebook battle it out head on with startups for tech talent.

The next step will be thinking up features / content that will help put Asia on the map as a place for more foreign tech talent to consider a move to. That's what I did 17 years ago and I'm pretty happy I did!

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