My Book is 65% Funded

Campaign update time! My startup marketing book the Growth Hacking Handbook is now 65% funded with a week left to go. That's pretty great, but I need your help to reach the funding goal!

If you'd like to see this book become a reality, here's some ways you can help. Lets push this to 70%, 80%… 100%! You have my eternal thanks for your support.

Help spread the word to fellow entrepreneurs

Be the bringer of good news! Do you know an entrepreneur who doesn't know where to start with marketing? Or a developer who has never publicly launched a project. Or perhaps someone with a startup that's struggling for traction. If you do, show them the Growth Hacking Handbook which is a handy dandy book of 100 things other startups have done to gain traction in the past.

Read my guest post. Enjoy it? Preorder the book :)

I wrote a guest post over at The Next Web titled 5 of the most famous growth hacks of all time. It has been tweeted hundreds of times and had a really great response. If you're still on the fence about the Growth Hacking Handbook, this guest post gives you a nice preview of what it'll be like! If you enjoyed the post, preorder the book.

Become a sponsor

It's $100 to be a sponsor of the book and you get your name / startup url in the thank you section of the book. Your startup url will be seen by everyone who preorders, and by everyone who buys the book once it goes on sale permanently!

Get a consultation

You can get a personal startup consultation with your book, for $250 (plus your company url in the thank you section). I don't do any consulting work anymore. After 10+ years of startups, including an acquisition, my full time job is now running my SaaS company and it keeps me plenty busy. But for this campaign I'm offering to help out and send you some actionable feedback on your startup. My creds? I've done consumer internet on a massive scale (China) as well as e-commerce on a massive scale (Japan) and now SaaS globally - I'll definitely have some insight to offer!

If you've already preordered the book, then you're awesome. But help this campaign reach its goal and be even more awesome by tweeting something like: I preordered the Growth Hacking Handbook and if you're running a startup so should you!

Find out more at my AMA

I'm doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Tech in Asia on Tuesday 11th February, roughly Asia time - check the site around then. Ask me about my previous startups, what we did right, what we did wrong - or ask me anything about the book! If you have any questions about the book before preordering, this is your chance to ask :)

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