Failing Because Your Marketing Sucks

I've started a few companies over the last 10 years. Sold one. Raised millions of dollars for another. Grew from a few employees to a few hundred employees. Failed a few times. Now I happily run a SaaS company with an awesome product that I love, and I help mentor young startups whenever I can.

Life is pretty great right now. But if there's one thing that frustrates, saddens… even angers me… it's seeing young startups make all the same mistakes I made in the past.

Seeing brilliant entrepreneurs create awesome solutions or services… and having no clue how to kick off their marketing.

Seeing beautifully-engineered apps with no users because the founders don't know how to attract people to their product.

Seeing people fail because their marketing sucks.

Startup marketing is not some crazy dark art. It's not voodoo. It's not about luck. It's about trying lots of different things and seeing what works for you. That's it. You don't need to be a marketing genius to move the needle for your startup - you just need to have a long list of things to try, and you need to get off your ass and try them!

This book is that long list.

There's a ton of things that can kill your startup that are outside of your control - funding falling through, founder politics, a competitor taking your market, etc. Marketing is one of the biggest tools that you can control.

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