Bannerbear API

It just occurred to me that I haven't updated this blog for some time…

That's because I've been busy with my startup!

In January 2020 I launched a banner generator called Bannerbear.

In March 2020 I zoomed in on a particular feature of Bannerbear and made it the core focus of the product - the API.

That's been going really well so far. All my energy now is going into getting customers onboard the API, and building integrations into other ecosystems. Most of my "blogging energy" will be spent over at Bannerbear from now on :)

Bannerbear Twitter demo

How to use Bannerbear with Airtable to automate your social media

How to auto generate Instagram Stories with Bannerbear and Zapier

The blog here at I'm going to keep around for archive purposes, and also will be the place I post any personal stuff from now on.

Update May 2022

Bannerbear has now turned into a profitable bootstrapped business that I am running with a small remote team.

I thought I would update this post with some milestones:

I'm Jon Yongfook — follow me @yongfook
I don't update this personal blog very often these days, I'm busy working on my business Bannerbear 🐻