15 Famous Startup Growth Hacks

If you're interested in growth hacking, here's a presentation and workshop I did a few months back with some actionable startup growth tactics.

This was at the MaGIC Startup Academy in Malaysia, a week-long startup and entrepreneurship event. Half the video is me presenting 15 different startup growth tactics. The other half is a workshop where groups from the audience have to think of how they would get early traction for a set of fictional startups.

View on Youtube here or in the embed below.

If you don't have time for the video, below is the breakdown of the 15 actionable tactics.

5 Famous Startup Growth Hacks

These are the most famous examples of growth hacks that had exponential effects on well-known startups' early traction.

5 Super Fast Startup Growth Hacks

These are tactics that take a small amount of time to implement. Some can be implemented in minutes. The ROI might not be huge, but they are about passive and relatively effortless growth.

5 Slow Burn Startup Growth Hacks

Tactics that take longer, requiring more technical integration or development time.

Watch the video on Youtube for a full explanation of the slides, plus observe the antics of the workshop after the presentation :)

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